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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

History of Gold in Myrtle Creek

Enjoy this BLM article of gold in Myrtle Creek area. They say to find gold go where it's been found! CLICK LINK TO GO...

(Interesting fact: the Chinese were paid 25 cents a day to work digging ditches etc. and others were paid $2 a day. This during the heyday of gold mining in Douglas County, Myrtle Creek.)


More on Parker Schnabel

Click link to take you to the  short Youtube Video titled, THE OFFICIAL GOLD RUSH PANNING KIT INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO BY PARKER SCHNABEL
 (The same Schnabel featured on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine)

More Info on the Sourtoe Cocktail

 Click link to go to a review, scroll down, to the review that begins: "I didn't stay here, I just witnessed the Sourtoe Cocktail in the hotel's bar." Karen K
Yes it is a real toe and it seems people line up every night of tourist season to join the Sourtoe 
Cocktail club. 

(View  a photo of the toe at Karen's review)

Of Interest:


In its latest issue ENTREPRENEUR  featured Parker Schnabel, but I found the information about the Dawson City  bar, The Downtown Hotel and its signature cocktail, the Sourtoe Cocktail even more interesting.  Well, nothing too remarkable about the name, but here's the thing, it had a shot of alcohol with, (following words from the article), "a frostbitten, dehydrated human toe plopped into it." What is more if you swallowed the toe, you were fined $2,500.
(Dawson City, with its 13 bars,  is the closest town to the mines where THE GOLD RUSH is filmed.)... Linda Newton-Perry, Blogmaster

Sunday, November 27, 2016

All Out ...


All out of free paydirt samples. Thank you so much for participating. Hope you find a nice piece of gold in your little sack. We may do it again sometime. Thanks for coming to our site and please comment.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Short Youtube Video

 A PAST OUTING: Rob shows you the gold he got in four hours.
Click link to take you to the video. Share your gold experiences by commenting.

Thursday, November 24, 2016



In the future we may consider selling paydirt. At this time we are concentrating on staying legal with the complicated gold prospecting laws of Oregon.🙂


These samples will be on their way soon to, (Allyns, Woodstock), (Randy, Valley Lake), (Jason, Conley), (Richardsville ByPass, Bowling Green), (Michael, Jerry Smith Rd.) ( Brandon D St) I left out the full addresses to protect the innocent!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Rob and Allan

YES YOU ARE LEGAL with the 600 Permit

To find out more, go to the 600 permit area of the linked page below.

I, Linda Perry, spoke to Kathy, DEQ, and Jim Billings, Portland. Billings is  head of the sort of prospecting you guys are doing. Wanting to get the information straight for the news program, I found that you guys, believe it or not, are doing everything okay. I even spoke to a State Police game trooper. The trooper would be the one who would check out any mining complaint. We talked about taking buckets  of water by hand out of the river for your circulating high banker. He said it was okay as long as fish eggs were not present, if they were then don't take water from river. (Eggs can be in the river from Sept 15-June/July.) Make sure the water seeps into the ground and does not run back into the river. Try to set up a good ways from the river so  not to bring on undue 'checking out' by the troopers.

You must stay back from the high water mark of the river for digging, not on banks. 

And you will have to renew your 600 permit by Dec. 31, 2016.

Read about it on the link page above. 


Tuesday, November 1, 2016