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Monday, April 23, 2012

On the River

On the river prospecting: panning and sluicing. Got some great flour gold (specks) but the end of the vial broke. Lost most of the gold in pocket! So how was your prospecting day? ... Comment.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Linda Newton-Perry is the blogmaster for THE GOLD ANGLE. She is a bigfoot believer and owns the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo. The address is www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com. Watch for bigfoot while you are out prospecting. Comment please as it makes all the work of these blogs enjoyable. Thank you ... Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Toy Size Sluice

(This story is rife with profanity. Given the nature of the story the swearwords will be left in and or written as, %*&! or similar. This incident is based on a true happening. The names have been changed to protect everyone!)

Warning Shot
Linda Newton-Perry
Christopher Perry

 “What in the f.... is going on?” Tom Poley barked at his friend Bill Wells just a few feet to his right. Poley squinted in the direction of the road above the river where a beat-up farm truck had just squealed to a stop, backed up, paused and sped off.
     Wells was thinking, “I hope that doesn’t have anything to do with us.” The two men were slogging  along the river’s edge, making slow progress to an area they’d marked on a BLM map, an area that they thought might be worthy of taking a gold claim out on. They still had a ways to go.
     The soggy ground sucked at their drab-green rubber boots. Both men, young and fit, labored, loaded with mining equipment: pans, classifiers, a couple of different small sluices and several buckets. Rain alternately misted and poured. It was March and cold. No wind, but to their right the swollen Umpqua River roared on its way to the Pacific─as loud as any wind.
     Poley stopped. “Hey, let’s take a test pan here, so we can rest. I’m so f....’n cold and numb I can’t feel my legs.”
     Wells grimaced, but remained quiet. He set his small sluice down, adjusted his cap and nearly lost his footing as an ear deafening blast vibrated the air.
     “Get on the ground, on your bellies!” A shotgun armed man shouted with the gun pointed at them. “What the %*&!  do you think you are doing on this claim?”
     Wells didn’t hesitate, but did exactly as the excited man said. Poley sat down. He refused to turn facedown onto the mud and rocks. “Tom, do what he says. Get on your f....’n belly!
     The gunman’s finger twitched noticeably on the shotgun’s trigger. Again Wells demanded his friend do what the man ordered. But instead of complying, he nonstop spewed obscenities with an occasional, “I’m not doing it! ... What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
     “You guys are going to jail, you’re felons! ... You’re breaking the law!” The man shouted these words over and over until he paused after he said, “You got guns?”
     Wells shook his head no and out the side of a tight mouth, he ordered his friend, again, to shut up and do what the man said. “He’s got a gun pointed at us you f....’n idiot!”
     “What’s you guys’s names?” They both barked out their names. Wells risked adding that they were on their way to a piece of BLM land on down the river; and that they were scouting out a potential claim site for his (Well’s) dad, Wayne Wells.
     The gunman noticeably relaxed his grip on the shotgun. He lowered it and asked if Wells’ dad was the same Wells that worked at Box Ranil Inc. at Dillard.
     Through clenched teeth, close to chattering, Wells said that he was. He turned his head to look up at the man, dragging his chin across soggy, long-leafed plants. He was soaked from throat to boots. Poley hadn’t moved from his sitting position.  He nonstop mumbled f...., f...., while pulling at his wet jeans.
     Wells glimpsed a cop car over the gunman’s shoulder, up at the road.  The gunman had seen it as well. “My mom’s called the cops.” He motioned them to stand up. “Yeah, I know who your old man is.”
     “Larry’s your dad, right.” Wells asked. The gunman relaxed even more, seeming to back off a little with the threats.
     “Where’s your f....’n claim marker, if this is your claim? Poley yelled.
     The claim owner swiveled his head, “Over there on that tree.” He shot the barrel of the gun up meaning they get up. He motioned them to walk ahead. “Underwater,” he pointed, dropping his voice in disappointment. “Son of a ...!”
     “And how in hell,” Wells barked, “do you expect people to see that?”
     Claim owner kept glancing over his shoulder. Wells thought he was expecting the cop. “Okay,” he finally said, “leave your stuff and let’s go.” He stepped to the side meaning they lead.
     “I’m not leaving my coat,” Poley objected.
     “Got a gun in there?”
     “No, the keys to my truck!”
     The gunman waved them back off while he patted down the coat and searched the pockets. “Here,” he threw the coat to Poley.
    “We got expensive gear here. F...! You have no right ...”
     “Tom, shut up. He’s got a gun on us man!” Wells snarled threw clinched teeth, noticing again the guy was moving his finger on the trigger. “Tom’s goin’ get us shot,” he said to himself.

     Finally, seemingly with no reason, the man relaxed, smiled, albeit awkwardly, and told them to relax and go ahead and pan here, just for the day, and this one time only. “I’ll go on up and take care of this cop business.”
     Poley and Wells exchanged questioning glances. They shook hands all around. “Maybe his change of heart came about by their dads knowing each other,” Wells thought. “Who knows!” What he did know is that they were not going to do any panning on this stretch of the river. The gunman left. Wells and Poley gathered up their supplies and began walking back to their rig.
     Half way to the main road, the cop met them, coming down the steep trail. It flashed into Wells’ mind that the gunman was setting them up, for the cop to catch them panning on their claim.
     He’ll never know. The cop searched their equipment, talked about no visible claim sign and told them, “Next time your on this part of the river make sure you’re fishing or swimming!”
     And now, whenever the possibility of being shot at while on someone else’s claim makes its way into conversation, Wells and Poley have their own story to tell.  And, they are often asked to tell it.

The End

Friday, April 20, 2012

Beautiful Wood's Video on Youtube a Link

The name of the video is "South Carolina Gold-Creek5" by indyme2. Three men are prospecting on private land. Enjoy


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Making a Small Sluice Box

A Gold Club's Forest Claim

Click link to take you to a video filmed as a father takes his family to a gold claim in the forest. If you need a little getaway then watch this video. The name of the video is April 9th Attempted Claim Visit and Some Prospecting by mikesmegabits


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

If we'd sold this gold today ...

This gold weighed a little less than one third gram. We could have sold it for $10.20. Thought you'd like to know. ... Comment...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Have you been shot at while gold panning or ...?

Well, it happens. If it's happened to you let us know about it. Rob Perry's been shot at or rather a warning shot was fired.  The cops were called. Watch for the article. It will be posted in the next few days. Comment.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Youtube Video

Click on link to go to the video. Title: Gold Prospecting-Meet the 49'ers Gold Prospecting Association by new49ervideo

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Youtube Video to Enjoy

Click on link to watch a couple prospecting for gold. Snow is on the ground!  Youtube video title, "Gold Fever m4v by Greg Allen.

Click photo for larger view.

April 14, Sat., the sun was shining and so Rob, family and friends hit the public access area Dole Road, Myrtle Creek, Oregon.  Much fun was had, a little falling in the river, a little bit of sunburning and a little bit of gold. Just a few people were out enjoying the great hobby of gold prospecting. By the way, there is a great gold and mining equipment dealer in Myrle Creek, and he buys the gold you should find.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Watch for article "Warning Blast Fired" (Shot at!)

An Interview with Mark Johnson

Click link to go to an interview with Mark Johnson. He will talk about the 1872 Mineral Rights Act and the 1812 Law. The Interview is about 20 minutes long. If you are trying to get a gold claim, you will be interested in this video.

"Run 'em Out!" Mark Johnson

A Youtube Video

Click link below to take you to a video on Youtube titled "How to Find Gold !!!! In a Gravel Bar. It's 5:05 mins. long and very informative. It is by 4816crane. He says, "Work hard ... Don't stop."

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Earlier Today ...

Rob's pouring over the Mining Packet that was bought at the local BLM Office. He's been thinking about acquiring a gold claim. It might be mentioned that he called the BLM Office and spoke once with the man in charge of mining. The man was very helpful, but since that call he has not returned one call. 

Rob checked with the Forest Service, in person. He was told the BLM Dept. has taken over gold mining and claims  for the Forest Service. So back to the BLM Office, with little help because the man in charge has Monday's off. It was a Monday.

It would be great hearing from you and your experiences in gold mining, acquiring claims and selling your gold.


"I'd prefer prospecting, but you see I'm busy working at my Mother's, " Rob Perry. "I'd appreciate comments. Thanks."

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

North Umpqua

Sharing Beauty
This photo taken near Glide, Oregon
(Gold Country)

A Youtube Video

Click link to go to a great Youtube video, featuring a gold prospecting tool that looks like something we can all use. ... Rob


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Youtube Video

Click Link to go to Maine and watch Youtube video titled "First Color" Gold Crevicing: Byron Maine



Two Pans Swirling at Once

Can't tell, but both these pans are swirling looking for the gold. If you've been prospecting, tell us about it. Click on comment below and tell us about it.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rob's Interest in Gold, From the Start

In 2011, with gold prices at an all time high,  Rob Perry decided to take some time and look into prospecting.  It seemed like a good idea, since swimming, hiking, fishing and off- road motor sports were his favorite pastimes. Perry, born in Oregon, has spent as much time as the next guy in the forests and woods.

How difficult could it be to scoop up the glitter? It was everywhere, right? Why it was common knowledge that the old timers at Gold Beach, Oregon, on the Oregon Coast, often pocketed an ounce a day right from the beach sand. 

So Perry took up the mantra, “Gold for the taking.”  He quickly found that “gold taking” took research and a lot of work!
Once “color” was showing up in Perry’s black pan, his next problem was to get it from the pan into a container. (Color, by the way, is jargon for gold by the old timers or those long enough in the hobby to have read it or heard it and now use the term themselves.) A small plastic bottle with a narrow tube, called a snuffer bottle, was required at this stage. So he bought one.
After sucking the gold into the snuffer bottle Perry noticed that some black sand was with the gold. So the next problem was how to separate the black sand from the gold. So he bought a magnet. (Gold is not magnetized.)

He put the gold back into the black pan and ran the magnet under the pan separating gold from sand. Then he snuffed it up again with just the gold in the bottle.
His next problem: he needed to store the gold in something other than the snuffer bottle. So he bought some little glass vials with cork stoppers. He soon found out the cork stoppers crumbled after just a few openings and closings. So he bought some very expensive glass vials with screw on tops.
Now, the gold in the vials was in water. That was no problem, because it made the flat flakes of gold look even larger than they were. But to sell the gold it had to be dry, absolutely dry. Now what? Well, he noticed on a Youtube video that gold was dried by heating in a pan. So, he bought drying pan.

At this point it would have been great to have gotten his hands on a very small metal funnel. But that didn’t happen so he folded a piece of paper and poured his gold into a dry vial.
And his next problem and one of his biggest: He now had a little gold, but how was he to sell it? How does one weigh the gold? The guy buying the gold needs to know that the seller knows how much gold he has in his little glass bottle.

What is a troy ounce anyway?
(Scroll down to an older post on troy ounces.)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Sun Shot Through the Rain Clouds, So ...

these two were off to the river prospecting. They found the Main Umpqua high and running fast. No gold today! If you live in Douglas County Perry and Bennett would enjoy hearing about your gold prospecting adventures. Comment please.

Introducing Linda Newton-Perry

If you should see what you think is a bigfoot, let us know on the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo.
The address is www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com And do talk about your gold prospecting adventures here on The Gold Angle.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You Can Find Lots of Good Stuff ... And Then ...

Be very careful when gold panning, dredging etc. The top photo was taken from a Youtube video. I'm sorry I can't remember the title of it. But the needle, screw and other things in the pan were taken from a river. And remember fish hooks galore have been lost in our rivers and creeks.

Have you a story to tell. Comment...

Getting the Facts!

Rob Perry is spending the day, April 4, 2012, trying to get a live person to talk with on the subject of gold claims. He has gone over BLM maps and has found a spot he'd like to look into. So far, he's not be able to get people to return his calls.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Where to prospect?

Where to gold prospect in Oregon?

Guest Editor-Blogger: Sam Seth

Dole Rd. - Myrtle Creek exit on I-5. Cross the river and make the first left. Extremely sharp left turn, this turn is before SOCO on the left. If you pass Chevron to went to far. Follow this road "Dole Rd" 1.5 miles, take the dirt road that drops down toward the river.Cow Creek - In your address bar type in "maps.google." and after that, copy and paste this: com/maps?hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=42.9­12529,-123.480889&spn=0.007355­,0.019312&t=h&z=16


Generally speaking, in Oregon on public land you can prospect anywhere as long as it isn't claimed, or there isn't a restriction in the area you want to go. For example, Wilderness areas are closed to prospecting, and most Wild and Scenic rivers are very strict or don't allow prospecting at all. However, there is plenty of public access where anyone can go and prospect on public land.
If you live in Oregon I could point you in the right direction.


Thank you for this information.... The Gold Angle

Monday, April 2, 2012

Didn't rain so we were out prospecting.

Stopped by the Roseburg BLM Office

It is really difficult to catch the Mining Dept.'s guy in the office. He doesn't make appointments and rarely does he return calls. You better be serious about about gold prospecting or it's easy to just give up. I have some questions. I need answers. ... Rob Perry

P.S. It's a beautiful day. I'll be prospecting. Comment please. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Two Hour Haul

I Got Some Gold From Panning. How do I Measure it?

original photo from Photoxpress

How do I figure the weight of gold? What is a troy ounce? HELP!

Okay, everyone is learning here. Here is what I know. I’ll just cover a little at a time until we have this business of gold weight conquered.

1.      troy ounce is approx. 10% heavier than our “regular” (avoirdupois) weight
2.      troy pound  has 5,760 grains (regular weight has 7,000 grains per pound)
3.      24 grains equals 1 pennyweight (a grain is .0648 grams  and 1 gram is 15.432 grains)*
4.      20 pennyweights equal 1 troy ounce

 In the three systems of measurement the weight of the grains are the same. THAT HELP?

* There are 3 systems of measuring 1. avoirdupois, regular, 2. troy 3. apothecaries, (apothecaries and troy the same)

More later...