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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Your Free Sample of Pay Dirt

As long as the pouches last you can request the free sample of pay dirt (about one teaspoon) from Rob and Allan's honey hole. Just use the comment tool, leave name or just Occupant and your address. Only USA please. There should be at least a few flakes of gold in the pouch.


  1. Replies
    1. just posted a question in the comments really prayin & hoping you get it!!! Thanks so much B.Scott

    2. WOW! Talk about AWESOME customer service i posted a question at 11:20 last night and it wasn't even 15hrs and i got a phone call reply it really doesnt get much better than that! Thank yall so much for making my day !!!! I will keep ya posted with the results of the paydirt THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN ITS PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT MAKE LIFE A LITTLE EASIER TO LIVE NO MATTER WHAT PROBLEMS YOU MAY HAVE! P.S I LOVE THE FINGERNAIL WITH THAT BEAUTIFUL LIL NUGGET VERY CREATIVE IDEA TO KEEP IT SAFE!!!! SINCERELY BRANDON PETER SCOTT

  2. Wondering if you still have the free gold paydirt samples?

  3. I am hooked on this panning hobby now. Heck! Send me a few of them bad boys!

  4. I am hooked on this panning hobby now. Heck! Send me a few of them bad boys!

  5. I forgot to leave the address. Gold fever ain't no joke!
    165 Riverchase dr
    Woodstock GA 30188

  6. occupant, 46 woodridge lane, darby,mt 59829

  7. SnipeHunter
    1000 S Henderson St
    Bloomington, In 47r01

    1. Oops, appears you are out. We'll, if that changes, please keep me in mind. Peace

  8. Prospector
    2108 V Vineyard Plains Dr
    San Tan Valley, AZ 85142

  9. Kenton
    P.o box 2401
    Fraser,co 80442

  10. Kimberly Stevens
    3748 Mahina Ave.
    Honolulu,Hawaii 96816
    Re: Free sample request

  11. 385 overhill rd CHRISTIANSBURG va 24073 if you still have any samples !!!