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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Youtube to Enjoy

Photo from Video
Click the link to enjoy this 10:19 minute video by ghosttownhunter and titled "The Secret to Finding Easy Gold !!!! part 2"


A Question for ghosttownhunter:

How does it go for you when you cash out your gold?  
Hi Linda, Thanks for the wonderful comments. We usually melt our Gold down first then ship it off to the refineries. I have heard of several that are good ( ARA, Cascade ect.) but I have personally dealt with Midwest Refineries. They pay 95% spot for 24k Gold. Turn around time is about a week and they will hold your Gold until you want to sell ( jump in the price of Gold ). Jeff

Please be my guest. There is good Gold up there and I will check out his blog. Never sell Gold to a pawn shop or Gold store as they will give you very little for it and tell you stories like nuggets are not worth more then spot or they have to make money too. Jeff

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